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Tabla Plátano- Grande ESTUDIO CARIBE Tabla Plátano- Grande ESTUDIO CARIBE
$ 1,600.00

Tabla ideal para servir o cortar, hecha con maderas recuperadas de nogal y mango,
con aceite de coco. Hecha artesanalmente en Mñexico. 

$ 1,200.00

Tabla de cortar o servir, con una manija larga. Inspirada en la hoja de la planta de plátano. Madera de nogal y mango recuperadas, con aceite de coco.

$ 800.00

Inspirada en la hoja de plátano, tabla de madera de Nogal y mango recuperadas, hidratadas con aceite de coco. Hecha y diseñada en México. 

$ 840.00

Este cuenco con composición geométrica es perfecto para uso y decoración. Hecho con maderas recuperadas de nogal, mango y primavera, hidratadas con aceite de coco. Producto 100% mexicano.

$ 380.00
Good morning with this beautiful round shape ceramic mug, in a bright glazed artic blue. Handcrafted in Mexico.
$ 300.00
High-fired ceramic mug perfect size for americano coffee or your tea, with modern look for your daily ritual. Hand made in Mexico.
$ 630.00

Con una composición geométrica este plato hecho de maderas de nogal, mango y primavera es perfecto en resistencia y diseño. 100% hecho y diseñado en México.

$ 490.00

Pala plana inspirada en el pájaro Toh madera de nogal y mango recuperadas, con aceite de coco. Diseño 100% mexicano.

$ 490.00

Pala plana con ranuras, hecha de madera de nogal y mango recuperadas, hiratada con aceite de coco. Diseño 100% mexicano.

$ 1,120.00

Bowl mediano con una bella composición geométrica. Hecho con madera de nogal mango y primavera recuperadas, con aceite de coco. Hecho y diseñado en México.

$ 300.00
A mug never looked so good, make this a perfect set with the pour-over pumpkin spice, beauty in your everyday ritual. Handmade in Mexico.
$ 300.00
A medium sized mug perfect for any hot beverage, in a round minimal shape glazed with shiny black. All handmade in Mexico.
$ 300.00

Either you are a coffee or tea lover this will become your new everyday mug, a simple yet elegant design. All handcrafted in Mexico.

$ 240.00
Perfect minimal design in a shiny black, made for every ocassion you can think of. You can even make a fun mix and match of its presentations. Handcrafted in Mexico.
$ 205.00
The perfect size for those of us who like the concentrated flavor of an espresso. Handmade in Mexico with ceramic in a beautiful pumpkin spice color.
$ 205.00
Welcome to the morning espresso in this bright, clear blue, make it your everyday cup. Handmade in Mexico.
$ 380.00
The cozy mug in the perfect color: glossy black. Make it your everyday mug, all handmade with ceramic in Mexico.
$ 380.00
Whether you are a tea or coffee person, or both? This is the perfect size for that strong push in the day. Handcrafted in Mexico.
$ 440.00
A tea infuser with a boho feel when you create a personal tea time, steep in a cup with boiling water and you are all set up. Comes with a base in a beautiful pumpkin color and iridescent touches. Handcrafted in Mexico.
$ 440.00
This personal tea infuser perfect for your tea ritual, specially designed with a base that holds your infuser or any blend of your choice. All handmade in Mexico.
$ 440.00
Forget about making an unnecessary bunch of tea and take advantage of how practical and decorative this infuser is, in a deep glossy black. Includes a base to rest when your infusion is ready. Handmade in Mexico.
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